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Thread: How Allen Hopps comes up with characters

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    How Allen Hopps comes up with characters

    Listening to an interview with Allen Hopps, he mentioned that he has a simple system for creating characters. He starts with a situation. What is the situation? One example he gave is "Babies have become rabid". Then, we need a location. Where is the haunt or scene happening? He says once you have those two things, it's hard not to create any number of characters.

    So, having a penchant for random generators and artificial creativity, I put a bunch of situations and places into a calculator and here are some combinations I got:

    An asylum for the criminally insane has been breached and the inmates are escaping... in a Swamp

    A Scientist is cross breeding plants and animals...at her Island Fortess

    Alien virus is mutating Earth life into monsters...at a Daycare

    Alien slavers have invaded... in a Mad Lab

    Giant insects are attacking... in a Cave network

    Alien slavers have invaded... at the Circus

    Scarecrows have been possesed by evil spirits and seek to murder...on a Military Base

    A town has been turned to zombies by a voodoo priestess... in a Factory / Industrial Area

    Pirates are looking for plunder and murder... in a Gypsy Camp

    A freak incident has given some people superpowers... in a Medieval Village

    Ice monsters are attacking... on a Cruise Ship

    Anyway, I thought I'd pass on Hopps' Wisdom on character generating, and see what characters AZ haunters have come up with!


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    I remember reading something about haunts and making them spookier by creating an eminent threat. For example, creating a prison bus crash scene and having inmates throughout the scene and scattered through the haunt. The threat of the inmates potentially doing something to people walking through the haunt, causing an additional scare factor because it would keep people on edge as they walked around. Maybe there is a particular inmate that the other ones are afraid of too! Having great characters in a strong setting just helps make the whole experience more rich.

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