Listening to an interview with Allen Hopps, he mentioned that he has a simple system for creating characters. He starts with a situation. What is the situation? One example he gave is "Babies have become rabid". Then, we need a location. Where is the haunt or scene happening? He says once you have those two things, it's hard not to create any number of characters.

So, having a penchant for random generators and artificial creativity, I put a bunch of situations and places into a calculator and here are some combinations I got:

An asylum for the criminally insane has been breached and the inmates are escaping... in a Swamp

A Scientist is cross breeding plants and her Island Fortess

Alien virus is mutating Earth life into a Daycare

Alien slavers have invaded... in a Mad Lab

Giant insects are attacking... in a Cave network

Alien slavers have invaded... at the Circus

Scarecrows have been possesed by evil spirits and seek to murder...on a Military Base

A town has been turned to zombies by a voodoo priestess... in a Factory / Industrial Area

Pirates are looking for plunder and murder... in a Gypsy Camp

A freak incident has given some people superpowers... in a Medieval Village

Ice monsters are attacking... on a Cruise Ship

Anyway, I thought I'd pass on Hopps' Wisdom on character generating, and see what characters AZ haunters have come up with!