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  1. Arrow Gag

    I happened upon this photo of a sign:

    It reminded me that it would be pretty cool to have a scene in a haunt where arrows are apparently being shot at people and sticking into trees. If it could be timed with a sound effect, so much the better - but the rig should provide plenty of sound ...
  2. The Drawing Board Part 3 - Scene Design

    So! You've decided on your haunt's setting, characters, and situation. You've developed a story to guide you and provide some depth for your more astute patrons. Presumably, that story has a few key scenes that guests will be travelling through.

    A lot goes into designing a scene. For now, I'd like to stick to what scenes there will be, the order to present them in and what the scares will be.

    If you have spent a lot of time thinking about all the elements in the ...
  3. Hitchcock on Haunting

    About a year ago, I put together a blog on some things Stephen King has to say that I think are applicable to haunting.

    If you have read either of my last two blog posts, you probably realize that I think telling a story is a major part of being effective.

    In some ways a haunt is like a novel, and in others, it's like a movie. In many ways it's unique, of course, but I thought it might ...
  4. The Drawing Board Part 2 - Story

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    For my purposes today, I will assume you have read last week's blog about Place, Character, and Situation.

    I see story as the nitty-gritty details of the larger Situation. Sure, a mad scientist has taken over the daycare and is turning the children into mutants. But, is that the whole story?
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    Why, for example, is this happening now? Did the doctor just arrive ...
  5. Swap Meet This Saturday!

    Hope to see you there! Stop by our table and say hello!

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