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    Question Local Resources

    A Place to list great places in AZ to find various Halloween stuff.

    Everyone knows about Goodwill, Savers, Dollar Tree, Harbor Freight, Wal-Mart, Spirit, etc... But what about the small neighborhood flea market, or the mom and pop second-hand building materials shops, scrapyards, etc. that can provide such a wealth of unique prop building materials?

    This is the place to let fellow haunters know about these small treasure troves. Come on - share! You can't use it ALL you know!

    www.arizonaauctioneers.com is a liquidator who does online (and occasionally live) auctions of mostly industrial-related companies, so they're often selling machines and materials on the cheap. Right now they're liquidating an HVAC fabrication company and a machine shop (which auction includes drill presses, sanders, grinders, and lots of things I haven't heard of but other Haunters who actually know how to build things likely have).

    Subscribe to their emails and they'll notify you of new auctions (about 1-2 times a month)


    Home Goods (8 valley locations including Shea & 101, Baseline & Cooper, Alma School & Queen Creek, and Bell & 75th Ave). Ok it's not good for building materials, but they have a huge Halloween section of which I only learned last year. I'm not sure how soon they put everything up, but they already have a few neat items.


    If any of you are looking to make a pro-level FLICKER LIGHT, I have the solution!

    Home Depot has a new flicker bulb for $10. Utilizing the circuitry in this bulb, you then use that output to control a solid-state relay (as opposed to the LEDs it originally comes with). Im turn, you can control a much larger load of lights! I can now switch up to 1,000 watts now. It works great, and it has no calibration needed, or moving parts to worry about. It's not finicky like the flicker bulb alternative.


    Ultimate Consignment

    <link removed, no longer exists>



    302 S. 23rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009

    Telephone (602) 253-3191

    1425 N Mcqueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233-1104
    Phone (480) 926-1444

    2115 W Melinda Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2607
    Phone (623) 492-0704

    1425 N Mcqueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233-1104
    Phone (480) 926-1444

    1520 E Benson Hwy, Tucson, AZ 85714-1713
    Phone (520) 746-3181


    http://www.industrialpolymers.com/ for hardcoating your foam props


    For a terrific place for scrap steel for your haunt, check out this place:

    David Salvage

    3337 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034
    (602) 267-7208

    Also, for tons of surplus "jink" that is excellent for making weird mad scientist laboratory props, etc, check out this place:


    313 W Apache
    Phoenix AZ
    (602) 254-0613


    Paint recycling in Tucson too!



    Stardust Building Supplies


    Liqudation Center, no web site....Kind of like Harbor Freight

    3840 North 28th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85017

    Habitat for Humanity

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    Sadly, Ultimate Consignment is no more, which is a shame - should probably remove them from the list.

    ASU operates a surplus warehouse at Rio Salado and the 101 that occasionally has some interesting stuff at decent price - sometimes old medical equipment, lab stuff, plus also just general office supplies and household goods.

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    Thanks for putting these up. Some were on the old site too. Glad they made the move.
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