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Thread: Possessed Ash from Evil Dead 2 Prop idea.

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    Possessed Ash from Evil Dead 2 Prop idea.

    I got a Animated Swaying Zombie kit from Spider Hill props for my Birthday this year and I've good a good idea of what to do with it!

    I've been a HUGE Evil Dead fan for years would love to have a ED2 prop in my haunt. Looking for a zombie mask on amazon I found this.


    I was thinking I could just use this mask on the zombie kit with a plastic chainsaw for a hand and have a cool little prop with out too much effort. I would probably run it on a 12v power supply with a PWM and a motion detector to have it more a bit faster. I should be able to find a the costume at GoodWill and have it play chainsaw sounds when it turns on.

    Looking at using this chainsaw with this hand.



    What do you think?

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    Great idea! The mask is pretty creepy. The chainsaw effect always gets me, love the revving up sound as you get closer. Let us know how the progress goes, looks like a fun build.
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    He's coming along.

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