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Thread: Cauldron (Zombie) Creep

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    Cauldron (Zombie) Creep

    Thought I would give this build a try and so far its working well.

    Im mostly following the guide of Devils Chariot.

    I used a Deer motor for the head movement.

    A Wiper motor in the cauldron. I have a 4 inch gap under the motors plate that I plan on placing frozen water bottles in an attempt to make a fog chiller.

    I used Size #3 ball bear cross lock fishing swivel for marionette arm at elbow and wrist joints

    Then I used one of my foam skulls for the head and some Ping Pong balls with leds for the eyes.

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    I am thinking about using this planter for the Cauldron. I really like the way it looked but then I remember that I wanted to put burning coals effects under it. Not sure if people will notice that Im using fake coals under a wooden barrel.

    Here is a video of it in action.

    This stick is just a broom handle I was using for testing. You can't really see in the video but he has lots of side to side movement. I did everything I could to balance him but I think its because hes moving way to fast and I'm using too heave of a stick.

    Ive got a few questions on how I can make this better.

    1. As you can see it moves way too fast! To fix Im thinking that I should either get a 5V 5A power supply or a PWM. What one would work better?

    2. Do you think the "Cauldron" I've picked will look ok with a hot coals effect under it?

    3. Should I put pupils on the eyes or just leave them blank?

    I would love to hear with you think!

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    I just found a PWM on Ebay for around $3 each.

    I picked up 2 of them.
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    I made him a stick from some 1/2 inch PVC pipe and hooked up the 5V 5A power supply and he ran much better. I guess the 12V power supply gave the motor more torque then the frame could handle.

    Also, dose anyone have suggests on what hands I should use? The plastic hands I used on my last prop where a pain in to form into place. I'm thinking about using these.

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    I made the teeth and jaw this morning.

    After adding the chicken wire to protect the neck motor he has a hunch back.

    So what I'm thinking is that I'll grab this bag of bones and place the spine on the hunch and have it sticking out the back of his shirt. I was also planning on having some arm and leg bones showing and only half corpse the hands. It'll give him this cool half skeleton half zombie look.


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    I decided to build a Cauldron like SK Austin did in his Cauldron creep video.

    I grab a Rope Handle Tub, 2 cardboard boxes and a hot glue gun from Walmart.


    Using my dollar store candy bowl from last Halloween I traced and cut out 16 cardboard circles. I then cut all the circles in half and hot glued them to the tub and added a layer of tape around it. I still gotta do some paper mache over the masking tape. Maybe some paper clay to smooth it all out.

    Next I measured the gap between the hips of my creeps fame and made an H block out of 2x4s to set the Cauldron on. Then I made a ring out of chicken wire around the H block and ran some red Christmas lights through it. Wrapped the wire is plastic wrap and covered it in great stuff. A quick spray of black and a dry brush of gray and it was done.

    The effect looks much better in person.

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    Here is the Face so far.

    I would not call it some of my best work but I think it'll look good under haunt light. I'll add on some hair tomorrow.

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    I also finished the Cauldron and piped in the fog. I still need to paint the fog pipe to help hide it.

    I also got his hands in the mail today

    I shoved wires into his fingers so I could grip his stir stick. I still need to corpse them a bit to match the head.

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    Oh and the costume is almost done. Ill post a pic when its finished.

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    ere at the hands now. I also filled in the gap between the arm bones to give him more of a zombie feel.

    I also had to rebuild his hips. I placed the screws to close together and it made the PVC weak and started to sag way over. When I post some finished pictures here soon you'll notice that he's standing way more up right.
    The last thing I need to do is add some dirt to his costume and think of some way to hide the pipe for the fog and all his wires. Im open to any suggestions.

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