I was looking at this puppet theater tutorial the other day:
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I know most home haunts don't have much in the way of extra hands, but... If a room/scene in the haunt included a creepy little puppet show, it could serve the two primary objectives af a haunt: Entertainment and SCARE!
Now, if I saw a creepy little puppet show in the corner (haunt creepy, not Uncle Badtouch or Wretched Pleasures creepy), I would probably expect some kind of a surprise, and probably from the lower half covered in curtain.
That might be a great time for an actor to pop out - or creep up - behind me. It might be a great time for a scare to descend wailing from the ceiling like the angel of death. It could be the perfect time for the puppeteer to trigger a prop just at the edge of vision.

Anything can be haunted.
This is the first Punch and Judy Show I ever saw. I think that if you watch it, you will be surprised. It's really a well choreographed show with some unexpected elements.