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Thread: "Theme Generator"

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    "Theme Generator"

    You have probably seen some of the ridiculous "generators" out there that, if you play along, will give you anything from your stripper name to your superhero name. You get great results like Fluffy Elm or Blue Stapler.

    Not wanting to be left out, I created a little ridiculosity of my own.

    Each letter of the alphabet is tied to a "setup" and also to a "star". The setup is something like Old West or Steampunk. I added "grayscale" because I think any haunt done entirely in grayscale(B&W) is interesting and certainly challenging.

    The "star" is the monster or whatever. Mad Science would probably include a mad doctor, but also the lab. Now, not too many people have names starting in Q or X, so I made a random letter generator (unable to attach), and I include here for your bemusement my "generator" and some of my reslults:

    Theme Generator
    Setup Star
    A Old West A Mad Science
    B Grayscale B Zombies
    C Post Apacalypse C Vampires
    D Steampunk D Classic Monsters
    E Medieval E Werewolves
    F Outer Space F Circus
    G Gothic G Aliens
    H Underground H Mutants
    I Forest I Mummies
    J Swamp J Ghosts
    K Hillbilly K Slashers
    L Cyberpunk L Prison
    M 1930s M Witches
    N 1940s N Graveyard
    O 1950s O Cannibals
    P 1960s P Fairy Tales
    Q 1970s Q Hospital
    R 1980s R Dolls
    S 25th Century S Robots / Androids
    T Arctic T Pirates
    U London U Bugs / Spiders
    V Child V Plants
    W Prom / Black Tie W Under Siege
    X Egyptian X Nightmares
    Y South American Y Myths/Legends
    Z East Asian Z Animals gone Mad


    W M Creates Prom / Black Tie Witches
    C A Creates Post Apacalypse Mad Science
    Z J Creates East Asian Ghosts
    F M Creates Outer Space Witches
    R H Creates 1980s Mutants
    K N Creates Hillbilly Graveyard
    L G Creates Cyberpunk Aliens

    L M Creates Cyberpunk Witches
    F D Creates Outer Space Classic Monsters
    O F Creates 1950s Circus
    T J Creates Arctic Ghosts
    B U Creates Grayscale Bugs / Spiders
    K E Creates Hillbilly Werewolves
    T L Creates Arctic Prison

    Now, I don't pretend this is all-encompassing or foolproof. For example, "Industrial" would be a great setup. Hillbillies would be great stars. Industrial Hillbillies? Maybe. But "hilbbilly hillbillies" would have been a real possibility, and real stupid. Dungeon would also be interesting. 25th Century Dungeon? Dungeon Circus? Mix up the stars and get things like "Circus Vampires".

    It should serve two purposes, other than simple amusement:
    1. Spark an idea. IE, "What would industrial hillbillies look like?" or "I think arctic prison is silly, but what about an srctic outpost?"
    2. Give you an idea where you want (or don't want) to go. Sigmund Freud once said that when he was having trouble making a decision, he'd flip a coin. By noting whether he felt glad or disappointed with the outcome, he learned which choice he really preferred - even if only subconsciously.

    Who knows? You just might find some inspiration in doing a 1950 circus theme. What would it look like? What separates a 50s circus from one today? How to make it scary?

    What do you think? What woudl you add/change? What combinations do you find interesting?
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    I see all my pretty formatting went right out the window when I hit post.
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    “We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us.”

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    This is great, Jim, but I must admit I have a sad. When I use my name, I get "post-apocalyptic mutants", which is way too straightforward. When I do it backwards, I get "vampires underground" which is better (especially depending on how we define "underground"), but still way too obvious for my taste. So I took your advice with an online random letter generator, and now I'm doing 1930s witches - excellent choice, internet!

    Thanks, Jim!

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    I updated it with 35 choices tied to numbers and made a little random number generator. By my math, there are 595 possible combinations. Now that I think about it, I could have gone to 31, and people could use birthdays... I also modified it so "pirate pirates" or "hillbilly Hillbillies" does not happen, so maybe there are only 592 possible results. Now, I have added dungeon, so there are more combinations, but I'm too lazy to do the math right now.
    Anyway, 1930s witches sounds pretty cool to me. Here are some I get with my new method, and some random thoughts about them.

    Voodoo Clowns - I can see some pretty amazing characters in my head with this one!

    1970s Myths/Legends - bell bottoms, afros, butterfly collars, Chupacabra right around the corner!

    Time Travelling Statues / Golem - Don't Blink!

    Industrial Mummies - conduit, chains, pipes, steam, and the mummies wrapped in...?

    Farm/Cornfield Vampires - the farm is secluded, there is a maze through the maize, and the undead await!

    Junkyard Pirates - I see a kind of "The Warriors" vibe with clans of pirates armed with improvised weapons

    Prom / Black Tie Hillbillies - Are the hillbillies dressed up, or are they invading and attacking a wedding? Or maybe they "devolve" as you move deeper into the haunt? Don't drink the punch.

    Swamp Clowns - I don't think clowns are scary. A busload of clowns that died, in full costume, by crashing into a swamp, resurrected by supernatural forces and out to punish the living? Much better!

    Underground Werewolves - caves, caverns, and what's that smell? What makes these caves it's den?

    Cyberpunk Witches - smoke, buzzing machines, cybernetic implants?

    Egyptian Witches - Old egypt, of course! Casting curses among the reeds and hieroglyphs. Of course, modern Cairo is pretty scary too.

    Farm/Cornfield Robots / Androids - robot farmhands? Evil threshers? Farmers enslaved by the machines? Take it where you will.

    Pirate Hillbillies - Unwashed, missing teeth, brutal, scarred, plus, they are hillbillies! This does not have to be comedic. Think the inbred descendants of pirates who went as far inland as they could, then hid in the mountains with their gold.

    Hillbilly Hospital - hospitals are bad enough. Trapped in one taken over by hillbillies?

    Industrial Animals gone Mad - I'm thinking junkyard dogs, but cats, birds, rats, bears?

    Medieval Freak Show - Elaborate, but creepy

    Pirate Circus - Not just clowns, freaks and acts from all over the world, and none of them too friendly

    Hillbilly Werewolves Vs Vampires - hllbillies just make everything interesting. Deliverance with vampires?

    Child Scarecrows - children make everything creepier.

    25th Century Vampires - pretty sure I saw this on Buck Rogers in 1980.

    Voodoo Hillbillies - hatian hillbillies? Animal bones, fires, potions?

    Old West Werewolves - I'd watch this movie, frankly.

    Time Travelling Cultists - come to save their future by collecting organs from the 21st century? Sacrificing to some unexploded bomb?

    1930s Freak Show - I did see this movie. Straightforward, but what can I say? I'd love to build a 10 in 1.

    Time Travelling Bugs / Spiders - mutant bugs unintentionally (?) brought to our world by people escaping a future nightmare?

    Dungeon Clowns - are the clowns running the dungeon, or trapped? What do they want?

    Swamp Ghosts - A haunted swamp theme has a lot of potential for snakes and spiders along with waerlogged bodies and ghosts.

    East Asian Dolls - Not just Talky Tina!

    Dungeon Hospital - Hospital up front, but as you go deeper?

    Time Travelling Mad Science - well, sure!

    Swamp Circus - Do they live in the sawmp? Did they all come from the sawmp? Are they trapped in a swamp? Crocodile man!

    Post Apacalypse Dolls - sure, modern dolls all damaged. What about dolls made from scraps in the post apaco world? Did that one just move?

    Forest / Woods Pirates - Pretty sure this was an episode of Galavant

    Cyberpunk Werewolves - cyborg werewolves!

    1970s Dungeon - No, not disco again!!!!

    1980s Vampires - A whole haunt themed like "The Lost Boys"? Cool.

    Arctic Aliens - John Carpenter or Christian Nyby? Or...?

    1930s Cenobites - even more interesting than 80s Cenobites.

    Egyptian Plants - The Nile Bites Back! Plants animated by some Egyptian demon or another, to collect BLOD!

    Cyberpunk Zombies - Much more lights than other zombies.

    Post Apacalypse Aliens - Maybe they caused the apacalypse, and are hunting the last remaining humans?

    1960s Circus - tie-dye and black lights, man!

    Child Freak Show - This could get real dark real fast.

    Pirate Aliens - Marauders from another world!

    Prom / Black Tie Bugs / Spiders - A swank ball overrun with mutant bugs and giant spiders?

    Dungeon Mutants - what have they turned into down there? What are they doing to the people they have captured?

    Cyberpunk Bugs / Spiders - Stargate replicators come to mind...

    Post Apacalypse Dungeon - Mutants, junkyard, and mad max in a dungeon setting!

    London Werewolves - I definitely saw this movie.

    Luau/Tiki/Pacific Island Freak Show - I know Molokai Island used to have a leper colony. Maybe cursed tikis turn people into shark monsters or octobpus monsters?

    Industrial Scarecrows - I was thinking of doing this one anyway. Scarecrows, but all mecha. Steam, electricity, lights, rust, and blood...

    Luau/Tiki/Pacific Island Witches - Tattoos, demonic tikis, human sacrifices, flying surfboards...
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    “We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us.”

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