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Thread: Haunted Mansion Column build thread

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    Cool Haunted Mansion Column build thread

    Anyone of my friends can you you I'm a huge Haunted Mansion fan. I collect pins, prints, figurines, articles, you name it. So a while back I decided I wanted to bring a little of the mansion into my office at home. I decided on one of the entryway columns. The height was an obvious obstacle, but I wanted to keep the look and rest of the scale as it was. Here's my take on the Haunted Mansion Column...

    The real deal:

    Name:  hm-columns.jpg
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    First things first, I drew the plans in a cad program so I could get the scale of the project correct. I scoured the web for plans, and any information I could find on the measurements of the columns. (happy-halloween was my old personal site, now offline)

    Name:  hm-column2.jpg
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    Next up was the base or "blank", I wanted something to last, but remain light enough in case I ever decided to move it. I decided on 3/8" plywood.

    Name:  hm-column3.jpg
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    Next is the underneath part of the upper area. I mitered the corners and secured with pin nails and glue. Everything gets covered with a faux granite paint so as long as it's smooth it will be fine.

    Name:  hm-column4.jpg
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    This next pic shows the bottom section. It has an angled top cut that I ran through the table saw. Angle was best guessed from close up pics of the original.

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    continued on next post...

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    The next part was securing the rest of the moldings and sanding and filling. I had to cut a few angled pieces on the table saw to create the correct angles for the upper section. I then used some faux granite spray purchased from my favorite home improvement box store. (just on the top and bottom, the rest gets the brick treatment)

    Spray granite

    Name:  hm-column7.jpg
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    I decided to start on the light next. I could not find any recreated or copied lights that matched the real mansion, so I found one online that was close. I modified it to resemble the real light as best as I could. Real light on left, purchased on right.

    Name:  hm-column8.jpg
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    The "legs" of the light had to be created by hand. I am no metal worker so I used what I was comfortable working with... wood. I used a scroll saw to make the 4 legs. These are a little thicker than the original, but I think they look good.

    Name:  hm-column9.jpg
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    I modified the top crown section by taking it apart and using a dremel tool to cut notches. I also secured the whole thing to a 2" pvc pipe for the correct height. Don't ask me why I painted this color. I have since painted it black to reflect the original. (lapse of judgement, or just an extra can of spray paint)

    Name:  hm-column10.jpg
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    continued in next post...

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    Next was the brick. I don't want to call this "faux" brick, because it actually is real brick. A thin slice is taken off a real brick. They are about 1/4" to 3/8" thick. They will add some weight to the project, but also create a realistic effect. Once again purchased at the local home improvement. I used hot glue for the quick setting, and clear silicone for the permanent fix. Don't forget to leave the spacing for the grout/cement lines. I did not fill the spacing in between the bricks. If I made another one, do think I would paint the plywood underneath gray, or off white to reflect some sort of mortar color.

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    I repainted the light black. (after I took all of the pics)

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    I found a replica plaque on ebay for around $100. It was already weathered and ready for hanging. I believe it is made from a mold using resin.

    The completed project prior to light painting:

    Name:  hm-column13.jpg
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    So aside from the height, I am happy with the results. I think it looks close to the original, and it gives me my "mansion fix" everytime I go into my office. Total cost of this project was $400-$500 dollars. I am hoping to create the "Caretaker and his dog" to sit next to this. (someday)

    Thanks for reading!
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    This is awesome! Those looks very authentic, and I love the work on the lamp scrolls

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    Turned out great! I'm a huge Haunted Mansion fan too - love this!
    May you always find your way in the dark. -hauntcadia.com-

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