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Thread: uhhh, WIP?

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    uhhh, WIP?

    man this forum is not cool at all, plain grey, no pictures, no posts, I don't see the other members like who's where and who's going, no PM.
    i'm guessing this was a complete rebuild?
    Well, I guess it'll take time to build it up again. Git 'er done.

    Where are we posting make-n-takes?

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    Hi klwdesigns,

    I'm sorry you feel that way about our new site. Overall, we are receiving very positive feedback on the new layout and features. If you check the article section it explains more in detail about why we moved to this platform. I'm not sure about the "no PM" comment, are you referring to "private messages"? yes, we have that. (look in the top right corner, Notifications>inbox)

    We will be posting information about the "make-n-takes" in the prop discussion section. (although I have a feeling it may end up in its own section due to popularity)

    We still have a good amount of previous users that haven't found the time to signup on the new site. I'm sure as we get closer to Halloween we will see an increase in activity. Be sure to check the calendar, we have an event next week you may enjoy!

    Thank you for the comments!
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