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Thread: Exterior Haunt 2015

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    Exterior Haunt 2015

    These were from a few years ago, but you may get a few ideas.

    Computer generated talking mirror.

    At night.

    I'll post the build thread for the talking door in another thread. Kids love it! The little candy chute is a big hit.

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    I really like this - is the chute manually operated, or did you build a candy machine?

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    Manually operated chute. I just noticed that lousy photobucket hosed my pics.

    Name:  mirror2.jpg
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    Name:  mirror3.jpg
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    Name:  mirror4.jpg
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    I have to drop the candy manually, then I give it a blast of fog for good measure. LOL!

    The face in the monitor "talks" by using the computer keyboard. I got it off this site.

    Here's a quick video:

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    Some of your pics have disappeared!
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