We can't thank you enough for attending our 2019 Haunted Swap Meet! We hope you had a great time!

This event could not have taken place without many people on the back end of this event.

The volunteers! Awesome folks that don't get paid a dime. They held signs, helped check vendors in, and provided security. We also had an amazing team up front keeping the entrance line moving as best as possible. (We had to hold the line occasionally to prevent overcrowding!) There were also folks emptying trash, and sweeping up when it was all done. You folks are outstanding and we thank you! This event could not take place without your efforts.

The vendors! Talented artists that started preparing many months ago to give you the best possible product or service. Late night or very early load in's and load outs. Donated raffle items.

-and you the attendee! You stood in line, navigated the crowds and hopefully got to see some cool Halloween stuff, or purchased something awesome!

Thank you all, see you in 2020!