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Thread: Introduction to Pneumatics (April 20th 2019)

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    Introduction to Pneumatics (April 20th 2019)

    Want to make your props jump? Want to get that little "extra" effect? Come join us for an introduction to pneumatics.

    FYI: This is just an introduction to pneumatics, so nothing will be made to take home.

    When: April 20th 11am-2pm
    Where: Heat Sync Labs


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    Do we have to sign up for this or just show up? Either way I’m interested in this! Sign me up

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    You can just show up and see how they work!
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    Here are some links to additional information:

    Videos | AutomationDirect (https://www.automationdirect.com/videos/home)

    Pneumatics | FrightProps Support & Training Center (https://www.frightprops.com/faq/cate...neumatics.html)

    More in-depth documents that are worth reading:

    Bimba Reference Handbook - https://www.bimba.com/sites/default/...dbook-Mead.pdf

    Automation Direct Practical Guide to Pneumatics - https://library.automationdirect.com...to-pneumatics/ (this e-book was informative without getting too far into the weeds about how it all works)

    Keep in mind that some cylinders come in metric sizes, which isn't a problem, but make sure you get the proper fittings for your tubing. It is best to not mix fittings, tubing, etc between metric and imperial. I.e. if you use use 6mm tubing, then get 6mm fittings. If you use 1/4" tubing and order a metric cylinder, then buy a metric fitting that accepts 1/4" tubing.

    Sources for fittings:
    Automation Direct (https://www.automationdirect.com)
    eBay (https://www.ebay.com/sch/fitting-store/m.html)
    Grainger (https://www.grainger.com/category/pn...-tube-fittings)

    Also, I didn't mention this at the M&T, but keep your airlines dry, no moisture or oil. I would recommend putting some air dryers/moisture traps in several places in the airline. Moisture leads to rust, and rust leads to broken components.
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