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Thread: Simple prop controller (motion detector hack) March 3rd at 11am.

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    Simple prop controller (motion detector hack) March 3rd at 11am.

    I'll be hosting my first prop controller make and take on the 3rd of March. This will be a very basic motion detector hack that only consists of only 4 parts and will cost on average of $8 to $10 each. It's based on 120v AC but will easily control AC and DC props. It will also have a plug that supplies consent power. This is very helpful for lights or connecting multiple controllers (daisychain) together. They work well wiper motors and can control simple pneumatics.

    I will have enough supplies for 10 controllers and the price will be $10 per controller. I'll also provide a parts list and instructions so you can make more on your own if you like them.

    Here is the parts list if you would rather bring your own supplies.

    2x 12M 180 Security PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Detector Wall LED Light Outdoor
    You can find these for about $5 each if you shop around.

    6-Foot General Use Extension Cord
    These can be found at the dollar store.

    A wall outlet.
    Its like .68 in the store.

    Pvc Electrical Box
    They are like $1.50 in the store.

    Who: All haunters and Halloween lovers are invited
    What: Motion Detector Hack
    When: Sunday, March 3, 2019 starts at 11:00 AM
    Where: HeatSync Labs 108 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

    (please RSVP in this thread so we get an accurate head count)
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    2 ADULTS

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    HI I would like to come, I would like to buy the supplies from you, if that is OK?

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    Dang it, scratch that, I have a neighborhood meeting that day! Next time!!

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    I plan on being there, after an earlier event that morning.
    I'll bring $10

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