My wife and I have been doing a home haunt for 5 years, but have decided to retire this year. As such, we have several great Halloween props for sale. Ideally, we'd like to sell these as a complete scene, and I'm going to list each for sale here in the forum.

The lab scene includes much of what is listed in the pictures, including a real, working Jacob's Ladder, a good amount of lab glass and specimen containers. Also included are the large corrugated "insulators" on either side of the lab console, the items on the desk (minus the decanter and desk itself), a thunder and lightning machine, the monster form under the sheets, and the scene setters.

The lab console is integrated into the lightning machine, so there are lights that flash with the "lightning". The meters in the console have been modified with flickering LEDs for the "unstable electricity" look. The Lab Glass and the Specimen containers include all of the colored LEDs shown in the photos, and can be moved to wherever items need to be highlighted. Also included is an air pump which creates a bubbling effect in a couple of the containers (heart and hand container).

Asking price is $1750 for the entire scene. Pictures do not do this scen justice and it really is a must see. Our haunt will be open tonight and Halloween night. Please email me at to let me know if you'd like to see it. We will also have these scenes up until the weekend, so email me to make arrangements to come see it other than tonight or tomorrow.

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