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Thread: Hey haunters

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    Hey haunters

    Hello this is my first time posting on az haunters and I just wanted to say a lil info about myself and my haunt I am a 17 year old who has build a small free yard haunt for my neighbors Iíve been doing this for about 6 years and it went from something really small like literally just a pop up tent and some dollar store props to what I think are really cool facades and better pop up tents lol but in all seriousness I have a serious love and passion for this industry and canít wait to meet new people that share the same interests! Also I wanted to include a facade I built for my haunted house this year my theme is American horror storyís my Roanoke nightmare but with my own crazy twist but I decided this year I would step up my game and make the house and this is my progress so far !. I canít wait to start making new friends and seeing everyoneís amazing creations!

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    Wow! Great job! Do you have specialty lighting as well? It looks pretty menacing, I'd love to see some night time pictures. Keep us posted.

    -are those just wooden pallets? Brilliant!!!
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    At the moment I havenít I plan on buying red fire and ice lights to light the whole facade and yes they are and they are really strong !!! Held up in the past stormís weíve gotten I will definitely post pictures when I get lighting !!

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    Great job! That's a good lookin' set you put together. Definitely keep the photos coming!


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    Thank you it means a lot!!!

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    Super work there. Where can we go see it in person?
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    Currently Iím only open during Halloween but if itís fully set up before Halloween day Iíd love to show people around it !

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