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Thread: Werewolf Bust

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    Werewolf Bust

    No, this guy wasn't busted for anything. Quite innocent....so far.

    Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone my latest sculpt, but wasn't sure exactly where to post it, so if it needs to be moved, I would like to ask the admins to please have at it!

    It's still kinda rough and I plan to make a few changes before the molding starts. Should be ready for the upcoming swap meet, so look for him there! Also, if anyone is interested, I can make this thread a how-to, starting with the molding process. Will probably be a least 4 days from now before I start the molds.

    Comments/suggestions/questions welcome.

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    Wow! Very impressive!

    You haunters never cease to amaze me. I'll keep an eye out for the completed project at the swap meet.

    Great job!
    Calm? Do "murder" and "calm" go together? Calm and murder?

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    Thank you Mr Chicken! So I'm gonna just give a short version of how I make this monster, otherwise it will turn into a very lengthy thread. Made a few changes and I'm considering him done. I cut the ears off to make the molding process a bit easier and I'll mold them separately. I'm not very good at making molds, so this one will be ugly!

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    Starting the mold process and finished with it. I made this one into four pieces because I want to avoid a seam line in the middle of his face. If I just made two molds going from the left and right shoulders, (front and back), the mold would lock into his snout because it's a big angle at the neck. There's an armature underneath the clay, and that won't bend or give so a simple two-part mold is no good for this sculpt!

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    So here I'm casting it up in liquid latex. Told you it was ugly! This unattractive beast requires a couple of gallons, but I'm just going to slip it around a few times adding layers as it dries. It's gonna be too heavy to pick up with it full of latex, so the extra time spent sloshing it around is worth saving my back.

    The ears are molded up and are casting too. Both will need at least 12 hours to cure up. This week I'll foam fill them and pull them out for the first time to see what kind of mess I've created!

    I just noticed how hairy my arm is. Dang...I wonder who the werewolf really is?

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    Here I started foaming the ears and the head. I forgot to take photos of the head, but let's face it, I'm not that good. Pulled out the first casting and it looks alright! Assembled, did a little seaming, and will start sculpting the pallet, teeth and tongue next.

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    So I spent way too much time on the teeth and have no pictures to post. Wonderful. But they are done and I have them all molded up. You can see the molds on the workbench.

    Today I poured the first casting of his teeth, which are made of denture acrylics so they are gonna look as real as they can get.

    Also put down the first color and many more are to follow.

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    And here's the teeth! Need a little finish work and fit adjustments but they're done.

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    So cool! I've been following this thread and was eager to see what was next. It's coming along nicely!

    Calm? Do "murder" and "calm" go together? Calm and murder?

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    Thank you and glad to hear you like it so far! I'm running out of time so I put down a "quick and dirty" paint job. I used acrylics mixed with textile medium which helps keep the paint flexible. Airbrush, sponge and traditional brushes were used.

    Wanted to go a little different with the skin color and not the traditional grey/brown/black werewolf, but something that might give the impression his skin is still somewhat flesh-tone, only with really high blood pressure.

    Tooth stain was all dried up, so I had to make my own using very watered-down acrylic paints. Also gave the gum tissue a little black wash to look kinda unhealthy.

    I'm going to seal the paint work tomorrow using Flex Gloss. This will ensure the paint won't flake or rub off, since it's a latex head. If I spray it in coats, it tends to have more of a matte finish, so his nose, lips and mouth will be ready for a more wet look, using the same stuff, only with a disposable brush instead.

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