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Thread: Your scariest Halloween memory?

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    Cool Your scariest Halloween memory?

    As we slowly move closer to Halloween, it got me thinking. What was the scariest Halloween from your childhood that you can recall?

    I grew up in Minnesota, near Anoka, the Halloween capital of the world. So I got to experience everything that Autumn could throw at us...

    I recall walking down a dimly lit street a few blocks over from our house. It was a dead end street. (of course!) I can remember walking through leaves that were all over the sidewalk. It was around 10pm, most homes had turned off their porch lights for the night. You could smell burning pumpkin from the candles that folks had left out front. There was a slight breeze, just enough to make the sounds of autumn come alive. Rustling leaves, an occasional shadow moving, branches swaying. Even though I was with a friend, it was enough to put a little scare in us. We kept looking over our shoulders, waiting for someone, or something to jump out at us. Nothing ever happened, but I always remember that year when I think of my favorite Halloween. I can remember swinging our pillow-case trick or treat bags over our shoulders and running like madmen back to our street.

    What's your favorite memory?
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    Went thru a fall fest haunt at my grade school in the late '70's. One of the teachers was dressed up like Frankenstein's monster behind bars when he grabbed my arm. I almost put a small pumpkin of my own in my pants, as I ran outta there screaming. Everyone was laughing! I remember that event clearly, but I can't set the scene as well as you did, Mr. Chicken!


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