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Thread: RGB Lighting

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    RGB Lighting

    Hey guys! So I caught the setup guy for the big display house at loop of lights in Queen Creek, and he told me about some lights he was using called RGB. He was super busy so i didnt want to keep him, so I'm curious if anyone here has had experience with these? He had a few that were bars, about 10" long, and a couple of squares, and they acted like floods, but without any light/color loss. The color was controlled via computer, and they gave the house a great effect i want to use. I'm looking into them and wondering about wattages, cover area, etc. And if anyone has experience programming these?

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    I've never used them before but have see lots of info Youtube about them.

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    You should check out http://doityourselfchristmas.com/ they are pretty crazy over there with the lights and definitely have RGB (Red, Green, Blue and sometimes white) floods and strips and strings and all sorts of stuff they you could computerize and integrate into Halloween or Christmas displays.

    I have multipe lighting controller boxes that I built only to realize there is not enough time between Halloween and X-Mas to decoreate for both, so I chose Halloween. Also programming to songs is no easy task.

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