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Thread: Various Costumes

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    Various Costumes

    Sharing a few costumes my husband and I have made over the years.

    Actually married my husband summer 2006, so I already had the idea for my 2006 Halloween theme in the works. The undertaker was sort of a last-minute "throw this together" deal. Turned out ok. Also in the pic, you can see the Ginger-Dead house we made that year, some of the potion bottles that I stuffed with ingredients to "make" candy. This was pre-fog-machine, so on Halloween night, I didn't do a whole show. We actually set up shop at my in-law's house because we were living in apartments at the time and it's super-tricky to get any ToT'ers to come to an apartment haunt... I know, I tried when I was single. Heh.

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    2011- STEAMPUNK
    I know the steampunk community gets kinda cranky-pants when novice try their hand at something "steamy". I had only heard about it that year, and decided to give it a go with my husband. Took me forever to make my costume. I ended up designing my own pattern for the green jacket. I was trying to mock an 1880's women's jacket... had trouble reading the pattern. That year, Simplicity came out with a Steampunk pattern in August... but I had to modify it because I didn't have enough velvet (a gift from someone who knew I costumed).

    My husband wanted to be a steampunk plague doctor. He designed and made his own mask. I believe we had a pattern for the jacket. (I have a TON of costume patterns...)

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    The spats are 100% home-made pattern. They're lined and have a zipper hidden under the flap for quick putting on-off. If I had to do it over again, I'd have made the leather straps from reyon or nylon strapping and attached them with rivets instead of snaps. I also meant to add, but forgot to sew in a 1" wide elastic toe-strap. As it was, I finished the costume about 10 minutes after the party I was attending started... and then I just was too lazy to unpick the bias tape and cut it to sew in the elastic....

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    2011 - FILM NOIR (Black and White)
    My husband and I used to alternate theme years. The year I was pregnant with our son he picked Film Noir. I ended up having to have my sister-in-law make my costume... because I was just so sick all the time. I'm not good with makeup... so I was having bad allergies and just general pukey-ness from morning sickness. I felt pretty crap by the end of the night. The theme was a good idea. I wouldn't mind revisiting 1920's Noir at some point...

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    2015- BATMAN
    My son's costume-- he chose the character. I made it happen. My husband helped with the costume colors.

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    2016 - LINK (from Legend of Zelda)
    I did the costume/sewing. I did not sew the shirt-- though it did take me forever to find a child's long-sleeve ivory shirt in Arizona! My husband made the shield with that 1" pink foam core you use for tombstone making and some of that fun-foam. Turned out great. The leather belts we got from the quarterly State surplus action (they have a cash-and-carry day)-- paid like $3 for 3 leather belts, and my husband leather worked them together for the link bandolier.

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    We were going for something simple and comical. So we bought some cover-alls and had my mother-in-law embroider some designs on them. We'd bought the raccoon costume for my son the previous year (on clearance)... and our costumes sort of evolved around that. Our story was that we rescued the poor racoon baby from some zombies. This was my son's first Halloween. We got utility belts with LED flashlights, etc. Meant to have one of those poles with the cording to "catch" zombie animals, but props while holding a kid didn't pan out.... so we just nixed the idea.... kinda like we nixed the steampunk candy-delivery contraption I thought up for a home-haunt... which I'd still love to do at some point. Would work for Mad Science... So maybe... someday!

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