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Thread: 2009 Mad Science & 2010 Pirates

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    2009 Mad Science & 2010 Pirates

    I'm big on things I can clean up in a day... so my haunts were always simple with one thing to kinda make it really fun! Two of my favorite years were the year we did Mad Science and Pirates. Such fun! For me, it's about the details on that one element. Making it seems as "real" as possible. I am still lamenting the year I passed up $20 entrails at that Halloween store that used to be on Bell and I-17, where they put the Spirit Halloween now... Anywho. These are from my Tucson days, per-recession. Would love to home haunt again, but right now it's more fun to take my little kiddos out ToT'ing... but I'm always thinking of Halloween. =D

    2009 Mad Science

    This was the year my husband and I fashioned a gurney out of PVC that connected to the top of a folding table-- I like things that store easily and can be useful or reused easily later. Of course, when we first did the gurney, I didn't have all the cool medical accessories that I have now-- backboard straps (from the husband's motorbike accident), neck braces, blood pressure cuffs, finger cots, IV bags, etc.-- you would not believe the gently used medical stuff you can get if you just ask... (Please tell me others salvage Halloween from odd places too?.... *cringe*) Anyway, I wanted to make some X-ray pics, have things in jars-- but I ran out of time. I did sculpt a cadaver head and make some toe-tag bookmarks. Ultimately, I ended up getting sick and languished in bed before getting all the "room" details together. Though, if I ever revisit Mad Science, it'll be such fun!... Eventually, I'd love to add a guillotine with a water cannon to spray people with as it chops off a head... and maybe a few other torture devices... Muahahaha! I read about one with mirrors and a spinal column where the haunter just rests their head on a pedestal that sounds wicked fun too.

    Here's a photo of the husband and the PVC gurney-- you would not believe how hard it is to find a fake left hand... still looking for a right foot...

    Name:  MadSci-10-29-08-047.jpg
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    2010 Pirates

    I'd read somewhere that Pirates were "over-done"-- but that didn't stop me. I had dressed up as a pirate in 2004, in college. That was the year Pirates of the Caribbean came out. Not sure if it was before or after Halloween. Anyway, decided to revisit the theme because of the candy cannon (right side, image below). Again, I like to keep things simple. That was a garage haunt with black painter tarp and a few do-dads spread about. At the end of the night, I just closed the garage and went to bed. Cleaned up on el dia de los Muertos.

    Name:  2009-Pirates.jpg
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    There was one prop that I made that's not in the picture-- ended up taking waaaay too much time to make. Basically, I ran out of time. They were paper mache grenades/bombs. I molded two halves using balloons, newspaper, and glue. Then I stuffed 'em and duct taped the two halves together, clipping some tabs into an area to insert the fuse. More duct tape around the fuse and the clipped tabs, which was a cork with a piece of twine stuck through it.

    Name:  Paper-Bomb-01.jpg
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    Here are some other photos related to these haunts.

    I keep forgetting to mention that the cadaver was elevated (PVC wedge with masonite for support). The cadaver had a wire rib cage that allowed the mad scientist to reach into the chest cavity of our cadaver and pull out either candy or a beating heart (which took forever to find at a costume/prop store!)

    For Mad Science I also had invented name badges for me and my husband. Janus is a two-faced god, so I went with Edward Hyde for a Jekyll/Hyde vibe... and, of course, Mary Reilly. What most amuses me is the virus I used for the background of the ID badge... The badges also have a reverse side with some terms and conditions, and a signature field.

    Name:  2008-Badges.jpg
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    The toe-tags were easy to make-- just created a graphic and printed them on labels. They make pretty fun bookmarks!

    Name:  2008-ToeTag.jpg
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    This should probably go under costumes-- I'll post there soon with some costumes, as I also love costuming. I really need a new costume this year... I've been dying for an excuse to make a regency gown...

    Name:  2009-PirateCostume.jpg
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