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Thread: One of the original Haunt Mistresses

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    One of the original Haunt Mistresses


    I'm Kelly Noble aka Ladydeathbird. My sister (Kristy Noble aka Dionicia) and I were the original chickies of the site, but since moving and having kids and Kristy moving. Things have gotten crazy. Anyway, I'm looking to make my style more of a yard haunt (because my front yard is HUGE). I'm slowly working on changing/adding more to my haunt and love input from my peers.


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    Kids and moving really do make home haunts hard! If you're the originals, I guess that makes me "new". I've been following AZ Haunter for a while (met some of you on other forums, I think...) but now that I'm in the Phoenix area, I can participate easier. =)

    Welcome back! Looking forward to see your home haunt!

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