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Thread: At Long Last! A Longtime Lurker Posts

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    At Long Last! A Longtime Lurker Posts


    Don't know how I found out about this group-- probably through Halloweenforum... and then I linked the page on Facebook, and now here I be!

    Used to home-haunt in Tucson, but have since relocated to Phoenix. I've young kiddos now, and I'm renting (blah!) so I won't be doing the home haunt thing for a while... doesn't mean I don't think about my favourite holiday, though! I still love paranormal things and macabre! Bwahaha!

    By day, I work in the engineering department of the most dreaded Department of Transportation (Please don't tell me about that one road down your street with all the potholes or I *promise* to provide a lengthy, boring engineer explanation of why we have no money and who is really responsible for fixing a local street-- the state agency only does maintenance on Interstates, US Highways, and State Routes in the whole state.) I used to do roadway design, but now I tell other people what needs to be done to fix the roads and how much it'll cost. At least, that's the short, not-so-boring version... (trust me, us engineers can get REALLY boring).

    As far as Halloween goes, I run the gamut. I make my own costumes, props (none pneumatic... unless you count the "Candy Cannon"), and pumpkin patterns. I used to change the theme up every year, but I've kinda focused on pirates, mad science, and witches lately (thanks to the recession). We made a 'tato gun and decorated it to look like a cannon, and shot mini chocolate bars at/to kids for pirates. For Mad Science, we built a gurney out of PVC and a folding table and pulled candy from the chest cavity of our cadaver. Since we did that, and several hospital visits later, I now have quite the collection of medical "stuff"... because, hey, they were gonna throw that out anyway, right? The witch was more old-school with potion bottles and a cauldron. Though, there's nothing more fun than pulling candy from a smokey cauldron you just threw a bunch of rubber worms, eyeballs, rats and frogs into, and had kids turn that stuff into candy by saying "Trick-or-Treat; Smell my feet, Give me something Good to Eat" first.

    I love visiting haunted and strange places and writing about them in a blog I co-author with 3 other gals-- though I haven't posted on the blog much at all since my son was born. I enjoy sharing ideas and love, love, love to talk about spooky things. Need inspirational pics of St. Louis Cemetery No 1? I got 'em... and lots of stories to boot! Want to hear all about Bisbee and Tombstone? I got ya covered. How about a familiarity with the story of Two Guns? On my list of places (in the middle-of-nowhere) to visit.

    Sooo... here's a few links to schtuff to share:

    List of My Blog Articles: https://4girlsandaghost.wordpress.com/jadewik/
    There are several Arizona locations there because, well... when in Rome err.. the southwest. I noticed you had an article on the Copper Queen here on the forum. I wrote one too... and it has photos of the inside of the hotel as well as some of the ghost stories associated with it. I have a lot of research for a lot of other places... but no time to write! Gah!! If you know somewhere haunted in the state, I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear about it! I'm always looking to learn local history and lore.

    My (Free) Pumpkin Patterns: https://jadewik.deviantart.com/galle...s-and-Carvings
    These are traditional-carve patterns I designed myself. Free to download. Which reminds me... I need to scan and post 2017's pattern. Also, I'm always looking for pattern ideas, so let me know if you have any ideas. Though, I only have time for one a year, it seems... and I never post or share the new one 'till the following year, so copyright is established-- though I do share under a creative commons license.

    Probably won't be around much, but thought I'd introduce myself since I have a few moments.... One of these days, I may make it out to an event. The book-sharing one that was posted recently sounds cool...

    Pleasure to "meet" you all, looking forward to future hauntings. =)

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us! I love the "candy cannon" idea!

    Calm? Do "murder" and "calm" go together? Calm and murder?

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    Welcome Jadewik! I hope you do make it out to the April build/book swap. It would be nice to meet you.
    "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc!"
    “We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us.”

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