The Art of the Chainsaw

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When you think of a chainsaw and a haunt, is it something like this?

What about something like this?

Maybe you're thinking, "That character doesn't even HAVE a chainsaw!" You'd be right. It was carved with one. It's called The Gatekeeper, and it was created by Jeff of JMS Wood Sculpture. Wouldn't that make a great and unique character for a haunt?

What about this rotund... werewolf? Goblin? Bulldog?

It's fun, scary, and those of us with a few (dozen) pounds to lose could play the part!

Check out this Kaiju looking beastie:

Imagine walking into a haunt and seeing these amazing sculptures on either side of the entrance. Imagine then finding characters based on them inside! I believe it would enhance the immersion and the experience. Perhaps they are enemies, like the Archangel Michael and Lucifer. Both are terrifying and immensely powerful. Perhaps in a haunt scenario, they are locked in a battle over territory or even just...food.

But I digress. In my quest to find and deliver inspiration from unlikely sources, I humbly offer chainsaw sculpting as a possibility. That may not be how you normally associate a chainsaw with a haunt. Doesn't that make it all the more valuable?

Here are a few more examples from Jeff. Unfortunately, he does not list titles on his website:

Looks like something from Alice Cooper's living room.

Speaking of which,
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I think I would call this one The Horned God.

Maybe this next one would find its way into a haunt - or a DIO album?

Or how about something more traditional?

So? DO you think the world of chainsaw sculpture has something to offer the world of haunting? Or do you still prefer this?