The Poor Man's Guide to Animatronics

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A while back I stumbled upon this site in a "Practical Effects" group:


THIS is a site you really need to check out. It's a labor of love from Brian Poor, who has been working as a designer/fabricator of animatronics for film, television, and theme parks for over 20 years.

Brian found that fewer and fewer new people were getting into practical effects. As the greats of the 80s and 90s started retiring, there were fewer and fewer resources for those who ARE interested in animatronics to learn from. In an effort to preserve what he could, he started this project.

It's a free guide to building various mechanisms. Fewer and fewer movies may be using practical effects, but there will always be a need for this kind of thing in live events like, say an haunted house! Many of Brian's projects use 3D printed pieces and machined parts, but the principles and mechanisms apply to "improvised" parts like bottle caps or other found objects.

So swing by, check out what he has to offer. Maybe subscribe. Learn what you can to make your next moving prop an amazing one!

Happy Haunting!