A visit with Ray Villafane, world renowned pumpkin carver

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I just wanted to share how our visit with Ray went for those of you who were unable to attend. Ray and his wife were kind enough to host our group in his new studio in Carefree. He explained the transformation from inspiration to development of his art. He spoke of pursuing your dreams and passions. I liked one of his statements, "If you want to build a house, start with the mailbox! Just get out there and begin the process." He spoke about searching for "enchanted" items for his projects. I got the impression each part of the project was very personal for him, and each piece held a memory or connection with a moment in his life.

I was not aware of the different mediums Ray utilizes. He has had great success with sand art sculptures. He had a great photo of a sand sculpture he created of an elephant playing chess with a mouse. The details were amazing! Ray also chatted about how he uses organic items in his construction, using things like tree branches, pumpkin vines, coconut fibers, -you get the idea.

Ray will once again be creating his pumpkin art for The Carefree Pumpkin Garden which runs the last two weeks of October. Watch our site (and the local news!) for information on dates and times. You can also keep up at the official site located here.

On behalf of all the AZ Haunters, a big haunting Thank you! goes out to Ray and his wife. We wish them great success in the new studio!

We have some photos to share in the photo section of our site.

If you would like additional information about Ray and his talents, his site is located here.

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