The Burying Point Cemetery- Salem, MA

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Salem, MA is notorious for the 1692 Witch Trials presided by Judge Hathorne, the "hanging judge" of his time. The story, made famous by Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible" highlights some of the drama that happened in the short period of time when Puritans accused their friends, family, and neighbors of practicing witchcraft-- first starting as an innocent lark and then erupting into a horrible display of greed and corruption-- until someone finally had the guts to say STOP! Unfortunately, at a tragic cost.

These are not the graves of the hung, but rather photos of the Burying Point cemetery. Apologies for the file sizes and the clarity of images-- took them in 2005 and I didn't own a digital camera at the time, so the photos are a bit grainy as they're scans of photos from a disposable (film) camera.

No descriptions for photos as I didn't document as well as I did for St. Louis Cemetery No. 1...

I do hope you enjoy these photos of Salem's Burying Point!

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Again, apologies for the size-- can't seem to find the negatives for these... I do believe Judge Hathorne's is the thoroughly worn headstone inset into the protective concrete frame. These inscriptions are so weathered, some are barely visible.

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