Famous Graves: St. Louis Cemetery No. 1-- New Orleans, LA

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This is a continuation of the previous post, but these are some of the more famous graves located in New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.

Below: Marie LaVeau-- Heard of her? If you haven't you should read up on her! She's the VooDoo Queen of New Orleans. The triple-X's on her grave and gifts are considered vandalism, but that doesn't stop people from writing on the grave in the hopes of being granted their heart's desire from the GRAVE!

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Below: The short grave on the right side of the picture between the falling apart brick crypt and the pristine white crypt isn't really notable except for one unusual characteristic-- it's the SMALLEST grave in the cemetery.

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Below: The next grave is notable for the lodger's role in the Civil Rights Movement. This is the final resting place of one Homer Plessy... and the judge who sadly ruled "separate but equal" is just up the row from Plessy. The story is that the judge didn't want to rule as he did, but given the way the case was presented, he had to-- still, it was one first step in the right direction for American History!

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Below: This grave is also marked by triple-X's. This is thought to be the final resting place of Jean Lafitte, swashbuckling buccaneer of Frenchy pirate-y goodness.

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Below: Lastly, this grave is missing its future resident. NOLA residents are actually a little peeved that this takes up not one, but TWO plots. Yes, here is the future final resting place of one purveyor of occult and famed actor-- Nicholas Cage.

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