St. Louis Cemetery No. 1-- New Orleans, LA

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There was a facebook post a couple weeks ago inquiring who goes out of their way to see cemeteries. I posted that I did. I took a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) to visit an on-line buddy who co-authors a paranormal blog with me and two other ladies who are all internet buddies. I'd been super-excited to get out to NOLA anyway-- ever since that computer game in the early 1990's called Gabriel Knight, Sins of the Fathers. It was about VooDoo in NOLA. I fan-girled most of the trip as we visited location after location from the game.

I took over 150 photos in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. I can only attach 6 to a blog post, but I thought I'd share. If I have more time, I'll post more of the famous graves, but for now, here are 6 random photos of St. Louis Cemetery No 1. I hope you enjoy!

Below: The Gate. Anti-climactic, I know... but this cemetery makes simple things just shine! Stucco covered brick with a simple iron gate and a couple engraved plaques. This is a famous cemetery, but there's no embellishment on that entrance!

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Below: This is at the back of the cemetery (Lake Side/North, I think... I have a map written somewhere) You can see the religious cemetery (protestants) on the right side. They're the ground-level headstones that cover the whole grave. You can also see the wide variety of shapes and sizes and colours of the graves. There's brick and marble. There are graves with iron and most without. There are some well tendered, and others falling into disrepair.

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Below: Again, I enjoyed the way the graves seem at one with their environment. Quiet. Serene. .. and some covered in growth. This little flower shining a little beauty on someone's final resting place.

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Below: Don't know why, but I liked the older graves. The ones that looked old and ready to give up the ghost, so to speak!

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Below: Another random selection of graves. You can see the shells mixed into the dirt a little better here-- though there is a mix of asphalt, concrete, and dirt with shells for the different paths in the cemetery.

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Below: This one was in a famous film-- before my time. I just like the way the marble has things growing on it, and there are cracks to make it look aged.

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