Halloween 2018 - Spirits Rising

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This is about the time I decide on my theme - it takes about 6 months for me to narrow choices and finalize. I didn't want to do any major builds this year since we might move, so a lot of light play and ambiance. List of scenes include:
- hooded figures around an ember pit
- cocooned figures hanging from tree with large jumping spider prop, this is the only animated prop this year.
- 2 window projections
- 1 figure projection
- blacklight face wall/ webbing in alcove
- blacklight gravestones with glowing arm protrusions
- 1 perfect storm lightning box
- blacklight art/creepy poem on garage door

Blacklight run the show this year, and I also got a couple of RGB LED floods to light up sides of house. Audio will be moaning, ghostly, ethereal. I'd like to do a laser vortex if I have time.