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In my experience, building props is a lonely exercise. Only I can see the images in my head, and often, no one could really help me if they wanted to. In any event, the fam is busy doing other things. So, while I'm making things, sometimes I'm listening to something on netflix or somesuch. Most of the time, though, I am listening to podcasts. They are typically made to be heard rather than seen, so nothing is lost while I am painting or sanding. Or sanding. Or sanding...

So, if you are interested, I have compiled a ridiculously long list of podcasts. Let me start by saying that if you have not listened to all the Hauntcast episodes, I recommend you start there. Yes, it's a 21 and up kind of show. It's also, in my experience and opinion, the best produced, most entertaining, and overall best podcast I have come across on the topic of haunting. To make things even better, you can access just specific segments if you like. Pretty cool. They seem to be done making new episodes. Event the "post mortem" episodes seem to have stopped. Nevertheless, the interviews, ideas, techniques, and history all remain relevant. Even listening to the movie reviews might turn you onto some gem you never heard of before.

Anyway, I have compiled this list into five main segments:

Haunting - this category includes interviews with haunters, podcasts about running a haunt, scare acting, and generally focuses on aspects of being a haunter.
Fiction - These are serialized stories or audio anthologies made for podcasts. For horror / sci fi fans or maybe inspiration for your haunt.
OTR - These, too, are mostly fiction, but specifically made for olt time radio. I have linked to a few nice collections worth a listen.
Makers and Such - Not necessarily haunt related, but podcasts related to skills used as a haunter, from woodworking to painting to programming.
Nonfiction/Other - Shows about the history of myths (Lore), or Halloween in general, or "true" supernatural and ghost stories.

I'll include just the first two segments today, and the other three tomorrow.

Here are the links. Pick and choose as you like. I'm not going to describe each one for you - you'll have to do that yourself. Some of the podcasts, like Hauntcast, are no longer making new episodes, but so what? Unless you click on an episode specifically about what to expect at Transworld in 2012, the info is probably still relevant.

Haunting, Haunts, Scare Acting, Haunted Attractions

Serialized Fiction:

Please let me know if I missed your favorite, and i'll add it. Let me know if any links end up dead too.

Happy haunting!