Making Money in the off season

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If you own a pro haunt, how do you make money in the off season?

There are no year-round haunts in the Phoenix area.

A pro haunt will spend thousands of dollars on technology and only be open for 20 to 30 days. What many Haunt owners fail to realize is that investment can generate other income.

A modern haunt with powered speakers and computer controlled lighting which gets torn down annually probably amounts to at least one full DJ setup that could be used for the entire year as a secondary income.

Do you own your building or lease it year-round? Why not add an escape room or two and edge into that business?

If you make your own masks and professional grade props, do you also produce them in the off season and sell them to boost income and broaden your horizons?

If you have extremely detailed sets, have you considered renting the space to local filmmakers?

Could you host paintball matches or LARP events?

Take stock of your sets, property, equipment and skills and think about what can lead to side income throughout the year.

How do you profit from your haunt year-round?