Zombie Teddy Bears Part 1

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So, I thought I'd see what it takes to zombify a teddy bear. I was lucky to find a T J Bearytales that died of natural causes and was interred at Goodwill.

I used some hot glue to raise his eyebrows to a more menacing expression.

I used a trimmer and some scissors to make some spots all worn and mangy. Scissors would have been enough.

One ear was bitten through at some point... I put some wood glue on his right eye to make it milky, but it dried too clear.

The plastic skull was one reason I chose this bear. Here, some nasty gashes are added.

I added some glue to mat down some fur.

Added a gash to the back of the skull too.

A little cut in the leg, remove some stuffing...

Use some hot glue to seal it up and add interesting texture.

The a bit of paint, and it's a zombie!

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