Costume Photos and the Great Grant Brummett.

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OK, so I don't like to think of myself as one to "toot my own horn", yet I still felt compelled to share this pic of me in costume at the Fireland Phoenix Faerie Festival in November of 2011. Even in full light it was a hit. It was, as you may know, my first real attempt to go "all out" on a costume.
This picture was taken by the late Grant Brummett.

Grant was a fixture at just about every event in the Valley where people might dress in costume. He is probably most widely remembered as the man who took so many amazing photos of the Arizona Renaissance Festival's Twig the Fairy. If you have ever seen Twig on a poster or ticket or book, especially more than a couple years ago, Grant probably took it.

GO see Grant's photo stream. When the gargoyle picture was taken, I'd already been a fan of his for a long time, and was truly honored to be photographed by him.

The last time I talked with him was in September of 2016. He showed up at the Comic and media Expo, where I was hawking my steampunk Jack o Lanterns. We talked about his health and the show and he asked to take a picture of my son in the Steampunkin Mascot costume. Of course, I was all too happy for that opportunity. This is the photo from the last time I ever saw Grant, and the last time I would ever be honored to have him photograph one of my costumes.

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