Killer Rabbits!

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Wouldn't this be a fun idea for a haunt?!?!

What is it about this ridiculous camp-fest that is so fun? Who wouldn't want to see giant carnivorous rabbits?

It would probably be cool to make a video of select scenes - cutting out all the "dialogue" and "plot" - and projecting that onto a wall or screen out front. Maybe at a neighbor's house.

Unless you're related to someone with a ton of surplus fur, I doubt a yard full of giant bunnies is practical. One giant bunny head, though? What if the video was playing in your (not a haunter) neighbor's yard where everyone could see it.... and at some point in your haunt, a giant rabbit head pops up to attack?

Maybe I just wanted to get this old gem in your mind again. Killer bunnies!

On a vaguely related note... Watch this.

Enormous rabbits, oversized frogs, giant Gila Monsters!

You know H.G. Wells wrote a story - "The Food of the Gods" - where experimental food caused animals and even people who ate it to grow enormous.

Think about the terror a 6 foot frog would inspire. Mouths the size of a large shark and a nasty disposition. They will eat anything they can fit in their mouth - dogs, kids, most adults. Giant versions of animals that are normaly harmless creating havoc. Bunnies, frogs, ROUS... What a great idea for an area of a haunt, don't you think?

Happy haunting!