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What is it about a fire? Think about all the "Halloween-y" images that involve fire. Bonfires. Jack-O-Lanterns. Candles. Torches - with or without pitchforks. What would Halloween be without fire?

As an advocate of The Art of Living Dangerously, and as a home haunter, I am always looking for a way to incorporate fire into my Halloween in a new way. Don't get me wrong - in the actual haunt, the only flames allowed are the silk or flickering LED variety. Part of The Art is knowing where the line is, and putting up a walk through with actual flames in it is waaayyy over the line.

For my friends though, the Halloween party has to include real fire. We always have a bonfire. The ability to have a bonfire was a big part in my decision to live where I do.

In 2009, my friend brought over his carboys and we did a little thing he calls the fire dance, which basically involves putting isopropyl alcohol in a carboy, swishing it around inside, and dropping a match in. You probably should wait until you see it done before trying that one. It is a great display!

In 2010, I upped the ante by making one Jack-O-lantern with a kerosene soaked roll of TP in place of a candle. The flames were most impressive!

I also used a road flare to light up a pumpkin. I also built a Rubens Tube. With a Rubens Tube, fire and music combine to create another great show!

In Arizona, certain fireworks are now legal for sale - though strictly speaking, NOT at halloween time. Did you know you can buy "cannon fuse" very inexpensively on the internet? That stuff could be used, in theory, to link all kinds pf pyrotechnics together into a display. They could even be threaded inside a Jack-o-lantern. Theoretically. :-)
In 2011 I got my own copy of The Practical Pyromaniac. It includes directions for creating a Rubens Tube (which he calls a sound tube or something), and some other fire related displays. The point, of course, is to make something dazzling, brilliant, and just a bit dangerous. Let's face it - are you going to be able to do something like that for Christmas? I don't think so! Halloween is a celebration of life by frankly thumbing our noses at death. Your mama always told you not to play with fire, but personally, I wouldn't want to imagine Halloween without it.

How do you incorporate fire (real or simulated) into your Halloween?

Happy Haunting!


  1. Heartstalker's Avatar
    You?ve just inspired me to create a jack-o-lantern with green flames using boric acid and antifreeze!