Terror at Candle Cove

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I discovered a DVD of something called Channel Zero at my local library and thought I'd check it out.

Turns out it's an anthology series. The first series, Candle Cove, revolves around a "children's" television show that inspires kids to murder.


What a creepy idea for a haunt! Stay with me here.

The show is all puppet based. No one can see it except its intended audience.

Here's some creepypasta related to the show:

So all the characters on the show are puppets. In the real world, life sized versions of the puppets appear to the children as well. I think that would be a really cool approach to a haunt.

Imagine a short puppet show playing on a tv. Maybe on several TVs throughout the queue, so everyone is immersed in the tale. Interspersed between scenes are news reports of children gone missing or found dead. Maybe kids have gone missing and their parents or other adults have been found dead. The addition of the bodies missing their teeth really made the Candle Cove series extra creepy. As patrons progress through the haunt, they begin to see the ghosts of children/victims and life size versions of the puppets.

It seems to me that a haunt about murdered children would not go well - unless perhaps the children were killed by other children. Certainly a haunt based around children brainwashed into becoming cruel killers would be creepy.

Making paper mache masks that intentionally look like low budget puppets from a kids show seems like a great way to add creep factor to me.

One might even find old TV shows with weird characters or tales that could be edited to make the story really disturbing, and make haunt characters based on those.

Even Howdy Doody and Punch and Judy could, in my eyes, be edited into something that tells a pretty creepy tale, and with a few hand made props or masks, it could be real nightmare fuel. One might even re-dub the voices...


Here are some others:

What do you think?

Do you remember a weird TV show with creepy puppets that might be "Haunt-able"?