Rubens Tube - Dancing Fire!

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I'm not certain this warrants a blog post, but...
I've had a Rubens tube for a bit over 7 years now. When the gas pressure is strong, and the wind is down and the music is clear, it can be a sight to behold.
The Rubens Tube was invented by German physicist Heinrich Rubens in 1905 to demonstrate standing wave patterns in gas. Sounds like a party, right?
Being German, Ol' Heinrich may not have thought to put some actual dance music through the tube, or he just might have become the world's first party DJ!
We, however, are in 21st century America, so partying is top of the list.

Anyway, this is the tutorial I first read that led me to make the Rubens Tube in my back yard:

Here's a little video I also watched:

This is a fun project for people who are willing to play with propane and fire and sound. I found all the parts at my local Lowes and Ace Hardware except the speakers, which are old computer speakers.

I hope this is interesting to someone.