DryRot Gulch Lights On Tour

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This video is a "lights on" walk-thru of DryRot Gulch.
Just to show the props.

Tour starts with The Sentinel. This was, of course, inspired by Master Pumpkinrot. You can't tell form the pictures or video, but the left arm of that prop was actually engineered as a puppet, so a hidden actor could "grab" patrons. For the Nervous Nellies out there, the hand is made entirely of furniture foam, so it's the softest thing in the haunt. ;-) The inside of that head incorporated Ye Olde Greatstuff Coals, which was an effect/application I have never seen anyone ever do.

It progresses then to The Skull - a cow skull "ghost" scarecrow. There's a solar powered LED spotlight in there, so the eyes glow at night.

This is followed by Stickman, a minimalist scarecrow designed to mimic the "Blair Witch" symbol. That symbol pops up several times in the haunt, since the backstory is based on a witch who teamed up with a mad doctor and eventually turned against him.

The next scarecrow is designed to look like an actor in a costume. The weirdest among you may recognize a nod to that "classic" movie, Manos: The Hands Of Fate.

Just past Manos is a Stiltbeast inspired human pelt, and then the Hall of Heads. Now, maybe I live a sheltered life, but I don't think I've ever seen this before. I've seen "severed heads" of course, but not like this. Inside each is a foam skull or head/face affixed to a gallon jug of water. They are glued into burlap sacks, painted, and hung.

Just past that is my "Blinded" scarecrow. I wrote more detail about him previously.

When we get to the actual cornfield, you see The Crow. This scarecrow also incorporated the spray foam coals, but under the ribs. Possibly of interest are the completely dried out pumpkins in the field. They had LED candles in them. Some noticed them.

The next area has another minimalist scarecrow. The monster in this one was a cyborg, and this room is the last place where vestiges of the Mad Doctor's work remain. Electrical conduit and other bits merge with the "natural" the way The Doctor intended his work to blend with that of The Witch. Of course, she had other plans! The scarecrow here has a wasps nest head and is mostly composed of branches.

Past that room is the Graveyard Guardian.

This one also had a gag built in. Once people walked past it, a hidden actor could make a noise to turn their attention back to it, then turn the Guardian to face them.

The tombstones were made by my daughter and son in law. Pretty nice for a first time, in my humble.

After that is the final hall. The Witch made her appearance here, and at the end was a final scarecrow, inspired by the far superior work of House of Marrow. This one also sported a wasps nest head. There were several wasps nests throughout the haunt, actually. Mostly stuck in corners.

That's pretty much it!

Here's to all my crew!