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This is one of the scarecrows from this year's DryRot Gulch. The head and torso are paper mache, with a blindfold of faux barb wire.
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The torso is paper mache formed over a skeleton.
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The skull is a plastic prop skull I spray-glued some distressed fabric to.

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As previously mentioned, I made barb wire out of twine.
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I made that by:
* Saturating a long piece of twine in a 2:1 water : glue mixture.
* I doubled it up - folded it in 1/2 at the middle - and stretched it out.
* I used a drill to twist it all up nice and tight.
* I took smaller pieces of the same twine, dipped them in glue, and tied them in knots along the length. I left plenty of twine sticking up to form barbs.
* Once it dried, I jut cut the barbs to length and painted the whole thing black and brown and silver.

I think it turned out pretty good.

The post is actually a pine tree (long dead Christmas tree) which I had burned. I used branches to fill out the arms. I also mounted branches on the back, intended to suggest wings.
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Happy Halloween!

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