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I just got a copy of SCARECROWS by Avon Neal and Ann Parker. I first heard about this book from the Pumpkinrot Blog. When I admire someone's work, I want to be inspired by them, but even more, to be inspired by what inspired THEM! I guess I'm like Jon Favreau in that one small way. Mr. Favreau created the wildly popular series "The Mandalorian" in large part by going back to the Samurai and Western movies that inspired George Lucas.

Anyway, Pumpkinrot said he loved the book so I got it!

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The book was written in 1978 and is just under a hundred pages of photographs of scarecrows from all over the country. There is very little in the way of writing in the whole book after the introduction. While it might be nice to know where these were found, who created them and when the photos were taken, it's also nice to see basically a book pf photos.

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If, like me, you are a fan of Pumpkinrot, or of scarecrows in general, you may also enjoy this fairly nostalgic look at these, as the author says, ephemeral creations.
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One day I'll scrape together enough cash to buy Ephemeral folk figures: Scarecrows, harvest figures, and snowmen by the same authors.

Until then, I'll content myself with this little book.