YouTube Science! Part 5.5 - Flame Table!

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If you take a Flame Tube and square it, what do you get?

Flame Table!
Definitely on my bucket list, this thing is even more spectacular than the tube. The big drawback here seems to be that you have to be above it to get the full effect. This makes it more of a thing for a group of folks standing around a firepit than watching a show form a distance.

Still, it's pretty sweet looking, and a sure hit at a Halloween party.

Could you make a cube? Well, my guess is you could, but it would be fraught with problems. If you got the gas pressure high enough before lighting and kept it high, you might be able to keep gas flowing out the sides. If the top had holes, I think most of the gas would escape there anyway. Also, the gas and the flame would both be trying to go UP, even with the gas flowing out of all sides. That might make the wave pattern hard to see. Whatever would happen, it would definitely be different!

Happy Haunting!