YouTube Science! Part 2 - Black Fire

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This is one of the most impressive demonstrations I have ever seen. It makes an actual flame that actually appears black!

Oh yes, my sodium vapor light has been ordered, I can assure you. A room lit in yellow could definitely fit in a haunt - a cave, a basement, a shack, they all work for me.

I'm not going to lecture anyone about fire safety. There is no doubt your fire marshal would NOT approve of this. So, just don't do it!

Hypothetically, if we were in some alternate dimension where adults could use their brains instead of regulations, such adults could find ways to make this safe enough.

In theory, folks in this alternate reality might be able to make torches burning black. Maybe a fire in a fireplace or firepit would be possible. It would just be so amazing. Who could ever forget a room with black flame?

Happy Haunting!

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