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For Christmas this year I got a friend a cookbook. I happened to know he is a fan of Vincent Price and a fan of Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead series. So this time when I was looking for a gift I bought him the Vincent Price Cooking Price-Wise cookbook. I decided to give it a Necronomicon style book cover just to make it interesting.

How to do this is readily available all over the net, so I'll just give a brief overview.

I got a couple of sheets of paper the same size as the book's dust cover and glued them together with spray adhesive to make them thicker.
Then, I just unrolled a couple of cotton balls and dipped them in a water/glue mix and shaped them into a mouth, nose, and pair of eyes. I laid toilet paper over the whole thing. I dipped a brush into the glue mixture and brushed and dabbed until the texture looked good to me and the paper was saturated with glue. I probably used 3 layers of TP.

You can see in the pics that I covered the book and its pages with plastic cling film to avoid damaging it, while still allowing me to position the new cover where I wanted it.
I let it dry while still on the book.

Once dry, I just spray painted the whole thing flat black, then dry-brushed layers of browns to make the texture pop and hopefully make it look like tanned human flesh.

In addition I thought I would make it interesting by wrapping it in torn wrapping paper taped together with masking tape and duct tape to give it a creepier feeling than a regular gift.

I took the wrapped gift and wrap it learn some crumpled up old brown paper which high tide with some twine.

I put the whole thing in a box which I had previously beaten the crap out of, adding lots of "mysterious symbols". I also put some "claw marks" , and lots of other distressing like bloody handprints and of course I mashed all the corners of the box like it had been delivered by the UPS driver from hell.

I tied the whole thing up with more twine and left it on his doorstep with no note or explanation at about 4 in the morning on Christmas Eve.

Turns out he wasn't fooled for as long as I thought.

I was thinking it might be a total mystery to him who left it for him but it only took him a short time to reach out and to thank me for the gift so I guess I'm not as sneaky as I thought.

Anyway, he said he really liked the gift and I was really glad to give it to him and maybe this will be of interest to other Hunters who might want to do something similar.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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