Horror Vacui

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Horror Vacui (Latin for 'fear of empty space') or kenophobia (from Greek for 'fear of the empty') compels one entire surface of a space with detail.

These photos are exceptional examples of a hyper-obsessive personality, usually borne from mental illness or other personality disorder. Reportedly, the name of the artist was Oleg Mitasov, and he was born in the middle of 20th century and died in a psychiatric hospital in 1999. He had a university degree, was an economist, worked as the head manager of a store. When he got sick, he covered everything with inscriptions in several layers. Even today, you can still see some of his inscriptions in various places in the neighborhood. Most of the writing is in Ukranian.

Imagine walking into a dimly lit room. You can see all the forms of the piano, desk, etc., but no details. Then the lights come up or lightning flashes and you see every inch of every surface covered with writing! Maybe some or even most of it is in indecipherable characters, but one thing is for certain - this is the dwelling of a disturbed mind. Maybe a broken one!

Certainly this would be a time-intensive way to detail a room, but what an impact! Of course, if you have a few friends, you might be able to detail out a room like this in a few hours - even scratching some of the messages into walls and furniture!

If it fits with your theme, this could even be years (or generations!) of graffiti.
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A somewhat faster method of covering every inch might be to use posters, newspapers, drawings, and handwritten notes. Remember Eddie Quist's cabin?

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Admittedly, Eddie's room might seem more cluttered than obsessively covered, but that's easily remedied by putting a base of newspaper as wallpaper first, covering every inch, and layering on top of it. Some of the knickknacks could be removed or moved mostly to the corners to really highlight the walls.

Do you think this would work in YOUR haunt? How would you do it?

Happy haunting!

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