Esao Andrews, Artist

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Esao Andrews lives in LA now, but he grew up in Mesa, AZ.
Over the years, he has made a name for himself with his blend of the surreal, Gothic, and even erotic. Much of his work, naturally, has appeal to haunters. In fact, none other than Pumpkinrot has enjoyed Esao's work.

I offer you some of his pieces for your inspiration:

In 2019, Esao had a solo exhibition in his hometown of Mesa. Alas, I did not know about it in time to let anyone know.

Esao says he is constantly looking for new subject matter as he does not want to become known for one subject. When asked about 'good vs evil' in his work, he answered that he thinks more along the lines of dominant versus subordinate; that he is attempting to catch a moment of mystery or deviousness in his work.

It's always nice to be able to feature a "local" artist which AZ Haunters can take inspiration from.

Take a look through his portfolio, and maybe you will find something that really speaks to YOU!
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Happy haunting!

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