Inspiration from Susan Saladino

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I happened upon the work of Susan Saladino recently. She says her artwork reveals a diversity of materials and mediums she utilizes to express a singular theme. I can't argue with that.
I think these are interesting pieces for a haunt.

She says her figures very often are blindfolded suggesting the human inclination to turn away from certain realities that perhaps are uncomfortable or may require change. That could be. Blindfolds also make people generally uncomfortable.

Now, I'm pretty sure Ms. Saladino sculpts these figures herself. However, I am also pretty sure I've seen very similar figures at thrift stores. Some judicious cutting away of the lower half plus a bit of epoxy putty and some branches should make a pretty close approximation to what she's achieved here. Maybe some sculpted epoxy, super sculpy, or even paper mache could be added to blend the transition. Add a haunt worthy paint job, and viola! Creepy and weird dolls a'la Saladino!