Countdown to Halloween

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If you are a fan of everything Halloween... (you are here right?) Then you probably enjoy different perspectives of our favorite holiday. One tradition I have found myself going back to each year is a blogger's website named "Countdown to Halloween". Every year bloggers sign up to get their Halloween websites listed on this master list of sites. The rules are pretty straight forward, you must post often during the month of October, and of course it has to be Halloween related in some way. Each website is unique in its own way, and I enjoy seeing what other people do around this time of year in many different parts of the country. (and sometimes world) There can be a site about classic monster movies, traditions, or things a person found at a garage sale. I have to admit it can be very entertaining. You have been warned though, time will get away from you before you realize it.

Here is the site, let me know how you enjoy it!
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