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Size:  148.8 KBBigfoot. Yeti. Skunk Ape. The Yeran. Sasquatch. Mapinguar. All terms for a large humanoid cryptid covered in hair and living in the untamed wilds - snow covered mountains, dense old-growth forests, and jungles are all places it might be found.

One J.W. Burns coined the term Sasquatch in the 1930s. The word is believed to be an Anglicization of the Salish word Sasq’ets, meaning “wild man” or “hairy man.” This is a common theme whether in North America, South America, or Asia.

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If you have a haunted trail, maybe it makes sense to add a Sasquatch. Indoors might work, with the right theme. A remote cabin in the woods, for example, could be terrorized by Sasquatch. Alternatively, the poor creature could be the object of display (a'la King Kong) or horrific experimentation.

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"Wild Men" the world over tend to have a few traits in common. Not every story has all the characteristics, but in general, the big ones are:

1. They are big.
Size matters. In China, the "Wild Man" is not really all that big. They are bigger than the average Chinese man, but a Norwegian would not consider them unusual. They are hairier than a Chinese man and tend to have red hair. I once saw a documentary a couple of white fillmakers (Maybe British?) were doing in China in pursuit of the Wild Man. One of them was red headed. Apparently he was bathing in the river one morning when the Chinese he was travelling with called the alarm. You guessed it - the man saw a pale giant covered in red hair and thought they had found their prey. In the US, your Bigfoot needs to be BIG. Ideally, about 7' tall or more. If you don't happen to have friends in the NBA who are looking for a haunt gig, a tall man on risers can do it. Here's a pretty cool DIY version of risers (not stilts). As an added benefit, these risers also give you big feet!
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2. They are hairy.
Wild Men are hairy. You can get a Bigfoot costume for around $100. If you use risers or stilts, you'll probably need to do some modifying. You might look into how Chewbacca costumes are done.
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3. They smell
Most of these creatures have a notorious stench. Skunk+ammonia +rotting meat is common. A mix of Skunk with a little urine, and rotting flesh from Sinister Scents should give the beast and its lair just the right panache.

4. They have an eerie cry.

People who chase Bigfoot have recorded their eerie cries in the woods. You might try something like this.. You can find other recordings at http://www.bfro.net/avevid/SierraSounds/911.asp#howls. You can take some inspiration from these callers to make your own with a little practice and maybe some audio editing equipment: https://youtu.be/RTw79wWV9VU?t=132
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If you are doing an outdoor haunt with Bigfoot or The Mogollon Monster as the climax, you can use these elements to build the suspense. Footprints can be left at scenes of carnage. Maybe just a whiff of that smell too. As they continue, the howls begin. First quiet, then louder.
Ultimately, they come face to face with a huge, hairy, stinking monster roaring at them.

Could be fun!
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Happy Haunting!