20 Hour Experiment Day 17

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May have bitten off a bit more than I could chew today. :-)
I thought I'd look at the pic again and see how well I could do reproducing it.
I actually picked a similar but not identical pic, but the point was to see where the cracks are. To see what I need to work on.

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I expected the face to be a problem, and sure enough, it was. Especially the nose and trying to get a smile. I think the hat worked out OK.
I know hands are a big problem for a lot of artists. The hands in this pic are relatively simple but they are still pretty goofy looking. I did not really expect the boots to be such a problem. Looks like I have to practice angles and perspective on that kind of thing.

The costume actually was not as hard as I expected. Not saying it's great, of course, but I expected to have a lot more trouble with it. Plenty of room for improvement, but it's not QUITE as Napoleon Dynamite as I feared.

Lots of perspective and proportion issues with the truck, but I think I see where the big ones are so I'll work on that.

What did you do today?

Happy haunting!