20 Hour Experiment Day 2

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OK, so here's my Day 2 entry. I did the same warm ups as yesterday - connecting dots with ellipses, connecting dots with straight lines, filling in the lines with ellipses...
Same as yesterday - blank paper and a pencil, no erasers. I brought up the image of the Jeepers Creepers guy and did a sketch of his blade and tried finding the shapes of the car windows too.
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I sketched the supports of my porch and the Saguaro in my yard. I really like the "sketch" method of using a bunch of quick short lines gradually getting closer to the shape I want. I never really tried that before.

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I practiced some cylinders. Everyone seems to agree that basic shapes are fundamental, and lots of things are cylinders. Trees, torsos, cacti, tires are all basically cylinders, so I practiced them. I still need more practice of course. I decided to sketch the trunk of my tree. I really like that tree and its weird trunk. I'm not sure how to convey the way it leans, but I suppose I'll learn that with more practice and study.

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So, that's what I did this morning. What are you making today?

Happy haunting!